A dog’s journey toward loyalty and faith

A dog's journey toward loyalty and faith 2 Sep

A dog’s journey toward loyalty and faith

“Don’t call me a pet, I feel bad. Don’t call me a dog, I feel like an animal. Don’t leave me alone because I can’t express my sorrow when you are away. Don’t treat me like a burden, I am your kid. For your unconditional love towards me, I have my loyalty and faith for you, all my life” ¬– Pluto. If you want to read information about Emotional and Hilarious Aspects of a Dog’s Life, click at http://www.woofworldpa.com/emotional-hilarious-aspects-dogs-life/

Adopt not buy:

People often say that having a pet changes your outlook towards life. It makes you more human than what you ever have been. It makes you more affectionate towards the people close to you and instills a strong bonding and pull towards your family. And talking about pets, what can be better than having a four legged kid in your house or a campus residence though many campus housing do not allow keeping dog at campus housing but gannon student housing allow keeping your loved pet with you. People often say that they buy puppies from the kennels and boast about the money they have spent to get that specific breed and even scream about the bloodlines it possess. But ask yourself, do you really do this with your kid, your own kid? DO you “buy” your kid? When was the last time you went around and said your colleagues about the superior bloodline your kid has or spoken about him being a human breed? You don’t, right? Then why do you do that to your dog? Trust me; it is of more pride and pleasure when you tell your friends that you have adopted your new son. Psychologically, you will be at a much better place that what you have been all this while.

A dog's journey toward loyalty and faith

Love, loyalty and faith:

You might give him the best dog food or the best possible weekend trip in your convertible vehicle, but all that stays in his mind is the unconditional love and affection you have for him. And that’s all that he looks forward to have. Just like the way those expensive toys and foreign holidays do not make any sense to your own kids if papa doesn’t love them, it is absolutely the same for your four legged kid too. What’s the point of having those extra expensive packets of bones or those extravagant weekend gateways to the meadows and lakes if you don’t love him? All that your kids look forward to having from you is love, unconditional love. Be it a human breed or a German Shepherd. And if you think what’s your take out of this, let me ask you a very simple question. What do you expect when you kiss the forehead of your toddler every day before leaving for work? What do you get in return of an extra strawberry pie? A bit of extra care and love, right? It’s just the same for your four legged kid too. Just that beyond the unconditional love it has to offer you, it has the undisputed loyalty and faith towards you, the hope that you will never make him sad or he will cheat on you and the trust that no one else could be a better daddy to him than you. So next time you look at your kids, you know what you need to do. Information about extravagant gateways can be obtained by clicking here.

Paws and hugs:

We see people making paw tattoos on their wrists and shoulders. It is how they want to document their affection towards their four legged kids. But you know, how do your kids document your love for them? It is the small gestures that you show. The little hugs, the sudden runs, the often kisses, the baths together, the soulful game sessions and the warmth of your heart. All what matters to them is you and just you. Their life starts and ends with you. So in case you are reading this article and you are away from your kid, go back home tonight and give him the warmest hug he has received ever. Trust me, he will be the happiest and the most obedient kid you could ever have.

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