Some inspiring stories of dog

Some inspiring stories of dog Inspiring True Stories Of Dogs, Man’s Best Friends 4 Aug

Some inspiring stories of dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, which is why they’re relied upon for many incredible jobs. As dog trainers, we’ve seen numerous incredible stories of inspiring dogs that have warmed our hearts and brought smiles to our faces.
Here are a few inspiring dog stories we’ve seen that are sure to bring you joy, too. Further information about top inspiring dogs can be accessed by clicking here.

The Wedding Party

There was a person who rescued a dog from horrible conditions. This poor puppy had been abused, kicked, and mistreated its entire life. One weekend, they were having a wedding party with many guests in the house. The dog stayed out of the way the entire time, scared to come out and be around people. It had been that way for the several months they’d owned it, hiding under furniture and never playing or being friendly.

Some inspiring stories of dog Inspiring True Stories Of Dogs, Man’s Best Friends

As the final evening was coming to a close, this inspiring dog ran out into the crowd of strangers from the other room and started jumping up and greeting everyone. It went to the owner, then to the guests of the party. It seemed especially taken with a few of the elderly people in the room, who were delighted to see the little dog suddenly come to life. This formerly abused dog inspired everyone with its love and joy, seemingly from nowhere. From that day on, the owner reported, the dog was as happy as could be. It was like a switch turned on! Even rescued dogs from tough places can turn out to be the best friends you could ever have.

The Inspiring Dog Who Saved A Man in a Hurricane

Then there’s the incredible story of the black labrador who saved a man during Hurricane Katrina. As floodwaters rose all around him and his home, this man surely felt that his life was about to end. As the water closed in, he had nowhere to go.

Out of nowhere, a black labrador appeared. This inspiring dog pulled the man out of the flood waters and to higher ground, where he could be rescued! Incredible, but true. Dogs have the ability to perceive danger that humans can’t, and when times get tough, your dog will always be there to have your back.

The Inspiring Dog Who Saved The Lost Child

Not long ago, a young boy wandered off into the woods. His family, who was having a picnic, had no idea where he went. They began to panic and frantically called the police, searching the woods and fearing the worst.

Thankfully, the family dog was with him the entire time. As the little boy wandered deeper and deeper into trouble, their dog stayed by his side and protected him. Eventually, the authorities were conducting a massive search and noticed the inspiring dog next to a small shack where the boy had fallen asleep. Without him, he might never have been found. Information about A dog’s journey toward loyalty and faith can be read by clicking at

The Dog Who Saved a Baby

A baby stopped breathing in her crib, but the family didn’t know. Their dog, however, was acting very strange. What was wrong with him? When the father went to find out, the dog led him to the room where the baby was sleeping, and had stopped breathing. This inspiring dog helped to save their child from certain death, and the baby lived, thanks to this loyal family friend.

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